The following Plains Cree language teaching and learning materials are recommended.  Where possible, links to online availability or access will be provided.

  • Ratt, Solomon.  māci-nēhiyawēwin / Beginning Cree.  Regina: University of Regina Press, 2016.

    • This resource is available from the publisher, the University of Regina Press, at this link:
    • This resource consists of eight large chapters providing an introduction to learning the Plains Cree language, complete with a vocabulary appendix.
    • It can be used at the high school or University level, and provides sufficient material for two 3-credit courses. 
    • It is currently in use for introductory Cree courses, CREE 100 and CREE 101, at First Nations University of Canada, and other institutions which teach Cree.
  • Ahenakew, FredaCree Language Structures: A Cree Approach.  Winnipeg: Pemmican Publications Inc., 1987.

    • This resource appears to be out of print currently.
    • This is the published form of Dr. Freda Ahenakew’s Master’s Thesis and a companion to her first text collection, wâskahikaniwiyiniw-âcimowina / Stories of the House People (see Stories and Texts for a full reference).